Victory in a Strong Field

One of the most remarkable aspects of Robinson and Zywicki’s victory in the Trustee election is the strength of their opposition. In any other year, Gregg Engles ’79 and Ric Lewis ’84 would have made extraordinarily strong candidates: both have very strong credentials, both were endorsed by the Daily Dartmouth, both echoed Robinson and Zywicki’s emphasis on undergraduate education, and Engles even went so far as to decry the “orthodoxy of thought on campus” in one of his e-mails to alumni.

The fact that Robinson and Zywicki were able to defeat such high-caliber candidates makes their victory a de facto vote of no confidence on President Wright and the College’s administration. The only real substantive difference between them and Engles/Lewis was their very status as petition candidates. Wright’s attempts to placate alumni dissatisfaction with his speaking tour failed miserably, and I would not be surprised if Mike Sirota ’03’s call for his resignation is echoed by other alumni.