Victory for Dartmouth’s Swimming and Diving Teams

This is big news! How come no one had posted on it here?

A choice selection:

President James Wright said that the plan “is a wonderful example of how the Dartmouth community can work together in a constructive effort. I commend the different groups involved � the athletes, Student Assembly, parents, and alumni/ae as well as James Larimore and JoAnn Harper and her staff, and I am pleased that we will continue to have swimming and diving at Dartmouth.”

Sure, Jimbo. Sure. We may have a swim team, but it’s no thanks to you, James Larimore, or anyone in your administration, who would have been perfectly happy to see us swallow yet another ukase from on high. There’s more where that came from if you don’t start listening to us, dammit!

More positively, it seems this victory owes a lot to the work of the Student Assembly under the fine leadership of Janos Marton. Even the SA Website is spiffier. Well, whaddayaknow! An SA that doesn’t roll over for the administration. Who would have guessed…