Vice-Presidential Debate

About two and a half hours ago, liberals everywhere tuned in to the Vice Presidential debate, already relishing the anticipated rout. Even some pessimistic conservatives expected Joe Biden to talk circles around Sarah Palin. However, the debate didn’t quite go that way, although Joe Biden’s ability to talk in circles remains unquestioned.

Governor Palin held her own. She didn’t always answer the moderator’s questions, but neither did Biden (or any candidate in debate history).  She also failed to refute the Delaware Senator’s devastating insinuations that John McCain believes in the free market. She did, however, demonstrate an understanding of national issues, the very thing she has been so frequently accused of lacking.

The debate probably didn’t achieve any spectacular conversions; those who prefer liberal ideas will still prefer Obama/Biden. But swing voters who doubted Palin’s competence at the national level can set those doubts to rest.