Veterans Recruit Fellow Veterans

More on President Wright’s and several students’ work to bring more vets to campus in today’s Christian Science Moniter:

Jason Hord ran his own construction business before his Army National Guard unit deployed to Iraq in 2006. Six months later – after surviving a nearby hit from a rocket-propelled grenade – he found himself adjusting to life with one eye, wondering what to do next.

Mr. Hord is still recovering from a host of severe injuries, but at the urging of a college counselor he met at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, he made a visit to Dartmouth College here last week. He’s now considering attending in the fall to study engineering.

[. . .]

During Hord’s visit to Dartmouth, he talks with an admissions officer, Wright, and Samuel Crist, a marine who earned a Purple Heart in Fallujah and arrived here to study in the fall. As Mr. Crist leads him on a tour, they fall into conversation first about where they served and how they were injured. Then they turn to college life. Hord asks about the workload. Crist tells him, “there’s definitely higher standards,” and warns he’ll have to prioritize when his professors assign impossible reading loads.

When he returns to Walter Reed, Hord will continue talking over his college options with counselor Heather Bernard.

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