Unsolicited Commercial Email

Received today in the Dartlog inbox (bold emphasis mine):

From: colin@namegiant.com


To: dartlog@dartreview.com>

Dear Sir/madam,


Please note that after years, the registration on the domain name CACTUSJACK.NET was not renewed and this domain had become available to register.

Consequently, we have been approached to market this domain name that has been tracked and registered by a client. As a result, CACTUSJACK.NET is now available from us for IMMEDIATE transfer.

This is a VALUABLE and HIGH PROFILE domain and we believe that this development could be of genuine interest and benefit to your operation. Please note that the domain name market is extremely solid at the moment and similar domains are currently selling on afternic.com, greatdomains.com (domain auction sites) and by domain

name brokers, in some cases, for many thousands of US dollars.

[…so on…]

Yours sincerely,



Wonder if this has something to do with it?