Undergrad Research Database

Recent alum and Marshall Scholar Peter Noteboom ’05 passes on this message about a new database of undergraduate theses. Seems like it could be a useful resource if enough students participated.

———- Forwarded message ———-


Some ’05s and I just put together a non-profit, online database of
undergraduate research (www.ugresearch.org). It furthers Dartmouth’s
goal as an undergraduate institution and I was hoping to post
something on dartlog about the website, to get more alumni involved.

The idea behind the website is that undergraduate work rarely leaves
the institution at which it is written. Since there is no
comprehensive list of undergraduate work, students may well repeat the
same research conducted by their peers at other schools. This leads to
repetition and stagnation.

The vast majority of undergraduate theses end up in the basement of
the library, and they’re even hard to find using the dartmouth library
search engine. Since undergraduates often have very creative and
original ideas, this is a real loss to society.

Peter Noteboom ’05