Tussle in Cyberspace?

Michael Sloan-Rossiter ’08 has issues with a firm “No!” to an increase in New Hampshire’s minimum-wage, or so he made clear in a post to the Dartmouth Young Dems’ weblog. Apparently not increasing the wage contributes to local poverty or something like that.

Kale Bongers parried with a link to a web site that doesn’t jive with Mr. Sloan-Rossiter’s economic viewpoint at all.

This was followed in short order by a response to that response, claiming to have evidence that refutes the refutation.

Are these the small beginnings of an epic battle to come or just highly opinionated people with time and high-speed internet? Is it too much to assume they even have high-speed internet? Oh, what will happen to all the poor and unemployed caught in the middle?