Tuesday Agenda

(way more selective than the ‘Wazzupdate’ ever was)

“Duty & Loyalty” noon – 2 P.M., Thornton lounge–Discussion of philosophy over lunch.

“History, Justice, and Reparations: The Case of Canadians and Japanese-Canadians” 4 P.M., 2 Rockefeller–Judge Maryka Omatsu speaks.

“The Prophet and the Astronomer: A Scientific Journey to the End of Time” 4:30 P.M., Filene Auditorium (Moore)–Prof. Marcelo Gleiser of the physics department speaks on the topic of his new book, identically titled.

“Culture Bowl” 6 – 7 P.M., Loew Auditorium–Faculty, students, and administrators compete in this quiz game put on by the Hood Museum. But is it art?

“The Amistad Affair: The Shaping of American Diplomacy” 6 P.M., South Mass Lounge–Senior Bill Meyer presents his thesis of this title.

“Coalition Building Among Women at Dartmouth” 7 P.M., Casque & Gauntlet–Recruiting for the Women’s Resource Center. I knew that turnouts at WRC planning events were thin but didn’t realize they were this desperate.

“Senior ‘Tails” 8 – 10 P.M., Hanover Inn Terrace (rain location: Top of the Hop)–Cocktails for seniors only. First drink free, cash bar follows.