Trustee Race Update

The Weekly Standard today features an article on the petition candidates for alumni Trustee, Peter Robinson ’79 and Todd Zywicki ’88.

The story, written by Scott Johnson ’73, says that both candidates have “secured signatures sufficient to be added to the ballot.” Zywicki told The Dartmouth Review that he mailed in the necessary 500 signatures “with a couple hundred extras to spare.” Robinson, though , told The Review that he could not say for sure whether he would qualify since the College’s alumni leadership office has yet to formally certify the petitions.

Update: Zywicki writes on his blog that the College is working to undermine the petition candidates:

Of course, as with students as well, it appears that the College does not apply its restrictions on free speech in an even-handed manner. I notified the College last week that I had garnered sufficient signatures to qualify for the ballot. Nonetheless, at the end of last week–after I notified them, and less than one week before the close of the deadline for candidates to qualify (Feb. 23)–the College sent out its electronic newsletter “Speaking of Dartmouth“, which contained an advertisement for alumni to follow a link to “meet” the four candidates named by the Alumni Council.

Update 2: New information on signatures added above.