Trustee Meeting: Give Us Your Input

Even in the depths of the summer doldrums Dartlog brings you the latest:

The Board of Trustees of Dartmouth College held its annual meeting yesterday. The official news release can be found here. The headlining news is the election of Charles Haldeman ’70 as the new Chairman of the Board. Haldeman is the CEO of Putnam Investments and has been on the Board since November 2003; he is a Charter Trustee. In addition to Stephen Smith ’88, Stephen F. Mandel Jr. ’78 will be joining the Board; he is the new Charter Trustee. Mandel is the managing director of Lone Pine Capital LLC. Finally, as far as actual Trustees go, Leon D. Black ’73 and Jose Fernandez ’77 were reelected to their second terms on the Board.

The big news of the day, however, is the announcement that the Board will be undertaking a comprehensive review of their own composition:

We believe it is timely once again to evaluate in a comprehensive manner the size and composition of the Board and the method of Trustee selection in order to ensure that Dartmouth has the optimal governing body going forward. The recommendations to the Board at the Minary retreat in September. In the course of its work, the Committee will gather information on the best practices followed by educational institutions and other non-profit organizations and solicit the views of trustees, emeritus trustees, alumni leaders, and others. Mindful that the Dartmouth alumni body is one of the great assets of the College, as part of our work the committee intends to consider ways in which communication between the Board and the alumni body can be expanded and improved and to explore opportunities for effective and consistent collaboration between the Board and alumni leadership.

The Committee is soliciting input for its evaluation, from alumni, students, faculty, staff, parents, and others, through this web form.

The web form can be found here.

The review was put into place by the Board’s Governance Committee, which consists of five members: Christine Bucklin ’84 (Chair of the Committee), Charles Haldeman ’70, John Donahoe ’82, Michael Chu ’68, and James Wright. Curiously, no Petition Alumni Trustees sit on this Committee; of course, that could just be a coincidence.