Trustee Letter Upsets Alums

Alumni have been contacting The Dartmouth Review en masse about the trustee letter sent out to them last night. Here’s a sample response, representative of most of the feedback we’ve been getting, below the fold.

WOW! Alumni, except those who are Trustees chosen by the administration, are all a bunch of idiots who can’t think for themselves. They might be under the sevengali-like spell of “organizations” with “AGENDAS!” When the administration and its lackey Trustees stop acting like Stalinists trying to shove their cramped, narrow, ideas about the college down everybody’s throats, perhaps law suits wouldn’t be necessary. But they sure were in Daniel Webster’s day, and appear to be equally necessary today. And by the way, the lawsuit was started before Wright said he might leave in a year, so your cause and effect for confusion is 180 degrees off-kilter. Talk about agendas! You apparently don’t like your fellow elected Trustees, so you are trying to marginalize them with the Boogey-Men of the Dartmouth Review and Hanover Institute, the Review’s fundraising arm. Don’t you people believe in academic freedom, the right to disagree successfully, the right to suggest alternatives? Apparently not.

John Gridley ’64.

PS. And f— you too, Brad.

UPDATE: Just a quick note: the Hanover Institute is actually not the Review’s fundraising arm. In the note above, I think it may be unclear whether Mr. Gridley himself is asserting that the Hanover Institute is the Review’s “fundraising arm,” or if that is the impression Dartmouth Undying is giving to alums such as Mr. Gridley. In either case, the assertion is wrong. Thanks. -Emily