Trustee Elections

Well, the deadline is tonight at midnight, and I’ve made my choice: John J. Donahoe ’82. He was Greek, an econ major (which means probably very sensible), a businessman (which means the same thing), and president of Aquinas House.

You have to speak in code sometimes when you’re running for a position like this, so I interpret the following statement from him:

Dartmouth must continue to develop well-rounded graduates able to contribute as tomorrow’s leaders.

…as an endorsement of Dartmouth’s liberal arts mission. (The emphasis is original.) This would preclude turning Dartmouth into a pre-professional factory.

Then, he says this:

But the pressures on Dartmouth continue to mount. Higher education has become an increasingly competitive environment, with many leading universities going down the path of greater scale and specialization. Dartmouth must embrace the reality of a more dynamic and interdependent world. And yet the College’s commitment to a cohesive, intimate, liberal arts experience is more important than ever.

That’s promising, too. Lastly:

The College must not lose sight of its strengths — the things that distinguish Dartmouth from other leading academic institutions. At the top of my list are Dartmouth’s commitment to outstanding teaching, interdisciplinary experiences, and need-blind admissions. I believe these elements cannot be compromised. At the same time Dartmouth needs to strengthen its connection to our increasingly global and diverse world.

But perhaps the greatest challenge Dartmouth faces is maintaining balance. The college must actively embrace the changes necessary to attract the very best students and faculty, while preserving the “soul” that makes Dartmouth unique. We must encourage greater faculty research, while maintaining an unwavering commitment to teaching. We must create social alternatives, while maintaining a responsible fraternity and sorority system. We must continue to be a place that builds character and spirit, in addition to intellect. We must continue to encourage the importance of community and teamwork, in addition to individual accomplishment.

Good stuff. If you want to vote for him, too, go here (note: you’ll need your special PIN and login numbers. You were emailed them, but if you need them again, go here.)