Trustee Candidates: Change for the Better?

All the alumni Trustee candidates are—oh no!—corporate executives. Sheila Cheston ’80 works in the defense industry and previously served as the General Counsel for the Air Force. Gregg Engles ’79 is an executive in the food industry who opposes Democrat-favored ideas like the Dairy Compact and supports President Bush to boot. Ric Lewis ’84 works in the real estate investment industry and spent part of his career investing in the Third World. Last but not least, Curt Welling ’71 is an executive involved with online finance and even works for some charities.

Clearly, these are very successful alumni, and are perhaps better candidates than last year’s official lineup. Much like Trustee T.J. Rodgers ’70, write-in winner of the 2004 election, none of the candidates has any apparent background in education. This may be a good thing, considering the damage that can be done to a school when it is administered by lifelong academics.