Trustee Ballot Snafu?

Several alumni have written The Review noting that they have only now recieved their paper ballots for the Trustee election, some three weeks after balloting began. While a preference for electronic voting may be convenient for the alumni office, it seems as if old fashioned paper ballots are being neglected–perhaps excluding many older, less tech-savvy alumni.

Scott Johnson ’73 also notes some apparent confusion regarding the ballots themselves: many alumni have been told voting ends April 11th, even though Alumni Association President John Walters has said that the deadline is the 22nd. Still another alumnus has written us voicing concern that information about the annual Alumni Association meeting was not included with the balloting materials, even though it has been included in the packet for the past four years.

Amidst all this confusion, Voices in the Wilderness senses something sneaky is afoot and has called for independent verification of the election results. Has this election simply been especially prone to oversights and printing errors, or is something more sinister in the works?

Update: Johnson has added a correction to his post: the Association is apparently considering extending the deadline past April 22nd; the April 11th date was incorrect.