Trouble at the Daily D

It’s been a rough couple of weeks for The Daily Dartmouth.

First they were accused of misrepresentation and breach of trust resulting from their January 24 article “Chi Gam party shut down early.”

Now, accusations have come out regarding the D‘s reporting in the bizarre saga of student body president Julia Hildreth and Student Assembly’s new blitz terminals. Apparently,they neglected a few central accusations, skewing the story heavily toward Julia Hildreth’s interpretation. Among the facts unmentioned: Hildreth had blitzed all SA executives except Brian Martin ’06 with the new terminal news; at least one person vouched for Martin’s silence about the project, and no evidence was presented to the contrary; also, according to the accusations, Hildreth served as judge, jury, and executioner when deciding for Martin’s removal. The article made no effort to discover these key points, or even mention that they existed.

Two horrifically misreported stories in eight days; this is setting a new low, even for the Daily D.