Today’s D

My favorite gems from this article on Kathy Kelly, an anti-war guru:

“The audience also appeared to have strong liberal leanings — when a former faculty member introducing Kelly asked rhetorically, ‘Is anyone here a Republican?’ no hands went up.”

“Noting that the war cost the United States government approximately $1 billion a day, she said, ‘If even a fraction of that money had been invested in education, communication, social services — perhaps Iraqi society could have moved toward more democratic government, maybe they could have eventually overthrown Hussein.'”

Great idea. Give a murderous dictator one billion dollars a day. And finally:

“Later, Kelly suggested that, since the American taxpayers typically foot the bill for major military campaigns, planning one’s finances to withhold funds from the federal government can serve as one viable form of revolt. ‘I haven’t paid federal income tax since 1980,’ she said, also noting that her contact lenses are the most expensive things she owns.”

There’s also a piece on campus segregation.