To pull a gienko…

The ever ambitious Janos Marton, two-term Student Assembly President, self proclaimed man of the people, a drug loving, hard partying ladies’ man, has announced his candidacy for the New Hampshire House of Representatives.

Local Republicans are most concerned about Marton’s potential to bring out the student body, the vast majority of whom will not vote for Marton’s Republican opponents. Since Robert Gienko ’01 almost won an identical bid in 2000, as a Republican, the potential for Marton is tangible. A possible additional seat for the Hanover district, thanks to population growth, only adds to a possible victory, as the current Democratic incumbents will not have to contemplate retirement.

As enthusiastic as local Democrats, BuzzFlooders, and SA groupies may feel about this new moving train, it is essential to remember Marton’s original campaign, which included such gems as “read my lips, no new committees,” a promise to defend the Greek system, (keg ban anyone?), and my perennial favorite, a wage raise for all student workers. What has changed in one and half years? What the train of empty promises may accomplish down in Concord is left to the reader’s imagination, and the picture which will emerge will be as colorful and contradictory as The Exit’s personality itself.