Timmy Rallies the Rabble

SA President Timmy Andreadis called an unofficial meeting tonight at 11:30 to “discuss a response” to the new issue of The Dartmouth Review. Early estimates put the attendance at somewhere between 150 and 200 students. Apparently, very little other than the usual self-righteous bilge was decided upon. Some of the participants called for the College to stop funding TDR only to become more agitated and outraged upon finding that no number smaller than “0” exists. One deranged female exclaimed that TDR was lucky that “things haven’t gotten violent” – because, you know, they’re a tolerant bunch. Solidarity was a big topic, with one student suggesting the interlocking of umbrellas to show their support for . . . well, we haven’t quite figured that out yet. That said, there will be a protest in front of Dartmouth Hall tomorrow at 2:00, the mob that assembles there hopes to attract the attention of the Associated Press – they’ve not yet decided on whether they should wear muzzles to protect themselves from the teeth nashing that is sure to ensue; in fact, there was much deliberation on what they could wear to show “solidarity” with the Native Americans on campus; this might be a good time to point out that if they go here they can buy Indian t-shirts already emblazened with the Dartmouth name. The only certain thing at this point is how fun the rest of this week will be for all who love to watch the PC police go overboard.