Thursday Happenings

There really aren’t any, considering that it’s reading period. So, here are some diversions anyway:

David Horowitz has a new book out in August, announced this week: How to Beat the Democrats: And Other Subversive Ideas (sounds like all of his subtitles). “If the Democrats thought we’d forget who demoralized our military, eviscerated the CIA, and let America become a playground for terrorists, they’re in for a rude awakening.” Pre-order from Spence here. If you haven’t yet read it, TDR’s profile of Thomas Spence ’83, the publisher, is here.

The new issue of the Review (i.e., “Larry’s latest”) is up as of yesterday. It includes articles on the upcoming Bike Week in nearby Laconia, this year’s recipients of honorary degrees, the hilarious Kill Duck Before Serving book of NY Times corrections, and A.J.’s Restaurant. Read it here. Also, post any comments on our new website here.

And, regarding Laconia, things are really heating up. The Hell’s Angels are not happy.

Finally, a review of Eminem’s latest album vs. a banana sandwich. Guess which wins.

Sick of studying? Try any of these: Fark, Obscure Store, MetaFilter, memepool, TV Go Home, and the always-entertaining Afrocentric News Network.