Those Who Do Not Learn From History….

The Student Assembly passed a resolution this evening that would re-create the failed Big Green Bikes program to provide communal campus bicycles, The Review has learned.

Big Green Bikes was first created in 2001, but it quickly failed after a large number of the bikes were stolen or vandalized. The SA again tried to provide bicycles last spring, and the project met with similar results.

So, building upon their impressive record of success, the SA will now attempt to provide bicycles for a third time. The Assembly itself will allocate $2,000 for the project, matched by $3,000 from the Dean of the College and $1,000 from local businesses. About 50 bikes will be purchased for $115 each, and students will be charged $10 per year for access to a key that would unlock all of the bikes.

According to those close to the student governing body, many senior Assembly members opposed the resolution on the grounds that it was not substanially different from the previous failed attempts. However, the Assembly’s youthful and naive faction, led by Todd Rabkin Golden ’06, Ben Zimmerman ’07, and Frank Glaser ’08, overruled their objections to force through the measure.