They Still Haven’t Moved On

Protesters on Ledyard Bridge

Nathaniel Ward

— Protesting for minority rule —

Roughly a dozen Upper Valley residents affiliated with, a leftist fringe group, protested Wednesday to preserve minority rule in the Senate and to oppose Republican judicial nominees.

Braving the rain, the hardy bunch (not a student among them) began their vigil at 5 p.m. on Ledyard Bridge between Hanover and Norwich. Their protest in favor of existing Senate filibuster rules was co-ordinated with other similar protests around the country.

The protesters boasted several hand-made signs, most of which were probably too small to be seen from the road. One sign prophesized, “Republicans Majority Now, Minority Later.” Another proclaimed that “Filibuster = Democracy,” suggesting incorrectly that in a democracy minorities pick the leaders. There were no signs advocating positive policy positions.

Several cars honked their horns at the small group, but it was unclear whether they were offering support or expressing anger.