They just don’t learn.

If only SA could stick to expanding library hours
Date: Sun, 8 May 2005 23:25:11 -0400
Subject: Join Tomorrow
From: Big Green Bike Program
Reply-To: Big Green Bike Program
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Your Student Assembly is…

Announcing the Big Green Bike Program!

This nonprofit communal program starts tomorrow! Be among the first to sign up in front of Robo at 1pm and get a key that matches the lock on all 50 brand new Iron Horse Bicycles. Maintenance will be provided until it starts snowing and then the bicycles will be put in storage next winter. See you there,

The Big Green Bike Program Directors
Frank Glaser ’08
Todd Rabkin Golden ’06
Ben Zimmerman ’07

Sponsored by: SA, Afro-American Society, Dean of the College Office, S&S, DOC, Lou’s, Dartmouth Bookstore, Camera Shop of Hanover, & EBA’s