The winner

The first runner-up is former TDR editor of something or other Alex Wilson ’01, who points out

Empirically, there is no reason to cut any program, PC or not, useful or not.

Of course, Mr. Wilson, being a site contributor, is ineligible to win. Besides, he has a subscription anyway, I think.

The winner of our budgeting contest is Michael Pazos ’03, who sent his entry only fifteen minutes before the final deadline. Here is his suggestion of what the College might cut to protect its most important priorities:

That pesky student body

Well put.

Not only will Mr. Pazos receive a subscription and fine, high-quality Indian merchandise, but he will also be the first against the wall after some Parkhurst crony reads this and says to himself, “You know, that’s not a bad idea.”

Congratulations, Messrs. Wilson and Pazos, and thanks to everyone who sent in entries.