The usual uglies

Frontpage on Harvard’s ROTC ban. It’s worth correcting that ROTC is not banned at Dartmouth, as the article reports. While returning ROTC to Harvard would be a symbolic gesture (given that students there already participate at MIT), it’s still not a bad one.

Speaking of Harvard, former NH governor Jeanne Shaheen is headed there, having accepted a fellowship at the Institute of Politics at Harvard University�s John F. Kennedy School of Government. The Union-Leader reports. Said Shaheen, “I am excited about sharing what I have learned during my years of public service with a new generation of leaders. I am looking forward to this new opportunity.” Meanwhile, Shaheen’s recent campaign opponent John Sununu was sworn into the Senate yesterday.

The Manila Bulletin talks with Dartmouth prof. Heinz Valtin about the “8 x 8 recommendation” (that one should drink eight eight-ounce glasses of water a day. Says Valtin, “Rigorous proof for this counsel appears to be lacking.”

Thayer’s Victor Petrenko has gotten a lot of press in recent years for his ice lab research. Here’s the latest in The New Scientist on de-icing power lines.

E4 Engineering reports on research by Dartmouth profs Arjun Heimsath and Hany Farid on mapping land using photographic data. The extremely detailed topographical maps that they’ve created can be used to model landslides and erosion.