“The Talk”

Occasionally, an organization on campus will descend into self-parody. For the Sexperts, a group that has near Adam West era levels of camp in more or less all that they do, this is difficult to pull off, but they’ve finally done it.

Paul Joannides, Author of “Guide to Getting it on!” is starting a series of fun sex informational videos on YouTube. Let us know what you think of them!

::::: > Enjoy your weekend!

VIDEO #1: Condoms- Getting the Right Shape, Fit & Feel (11:57)

VIDEO #2: 5 Things to Learn About Lovemaking from Porn (5:24)

Charming. As near as I can tell, I don’t think the SexPerts are actually affiliated with this guy so it leaves one to wonder why they’d want folks’ opinions on the videos. Just so you’re forewarned, those videos are beyond suggestive (you probably didn’t need to be told given the cliche use of colons and a greater than sign in the message, but don’t say I didn’t warn you). Any information you glean from these videos on bacchanalian etiquette can be put to use in that video project designed to terrify freshmen.