The Op-Ed War Continues

Joseph Asch ’79 replies to Dean of the Faculty Carol Folt and government department chairwoman Anne Sa’adah in today’s Daily Dartmouth, asking them to provide more than anecdotes and ad-hominem attacks to make their case that College academics are in order.

Neither Dean Folt nor Professor Sa’adah directly responds to my detailed description of the qualitative decline of day-to-day life at the College. Their defensiveness and wordy obfuscations are excellent examples of Dartmouth’s malaise, the result of an Administration unable to prepare for the future or to act promptly in response to the student/faculty discontent that fills The D and animates conversation all over campus.

Meanwhile, athletic director Josie Harper writes in another op-ed that Dartmouth athletics are doing just fine. She fails to address the complaints Asch lodged in his column last week, however, which mainly dealt with administration support for athletics and not with the teams’ Ivy League records.