The Nuge: Rockin’ and Rollin’

Ted Nugent is incredibly passionate about his country, and he has been trying to inspire Americans to stand up for their country against current poltical trends for years.  His rhetoric led to an interview with Secret Service agents concerned about a possible threat to Obama.  According to an NRA video since removed, the Nuge declared, “If Barack Obama becomes the president in November again, I will either be dead or in jail by this time next year.  If you can’t go home and get everybody in your lives to clean house in this vile, evil, America-hating administration, I don’t even know what you’re made out of.”

Personally, this sounds like a rightfully angry citizen speaking up to rid America of the apathy that allows the Obama administration to create a larger and larger government.  This sounds like a promise to protest, not a threat to attempt to murder the President.  Nevertheless, the U.S. Secret Service had concerns regarding the intent of his comments.  Thankfully, reason and free speech prevailed, and the Secret Service interview resolved the issue and established that Uncle Ted made no violent threats against anyone. 

Nugent was pleased with the meeting’s outcome, cheerily stating, “I met with two fine, professional Secret Service agents in [Oklahoma] today.”  I see no issue here, as Nugent was merely promoting his pro-American views.

Naturally, the chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee complained about the apparently “despicable, deplorable” comments, and the Romney campaign catered to overly-sensitive voters; spokeswoman Andrea Saul assured the public that “Mitt Romney believes everyone needs to be civil.”   

Agreed, but Nugent wasn’t being a barbarian.  He’s a musician, and an activist, and he needs to make people angry to get things moving in the right direction.  Ted Nugent is just trying to show that you cannot fix this great nation by sitting quietly, hands folded, trying desperately not to offend anyone.  I applaud him.


 —Meghan Hassett