The Nuanced D

It took The Daily Dartmouth a few days to chime in on Wes Schaub’s recent crackdown on hazing in Greek houses. And to give credit where credit is due, they managed to do so without biting the hand that feeds, or rather, funds them.

The article, titled “Greek orgs. evaluate pledge term activities” includes no reactions from fraternity officers, excluding Chi Gam President Sean Schultz’s impassioned tirade, “At this time, Chi Gam is complying with GLOS requests that our pledges refrain from wearing Chi Gam signs.”

Far be it from the Review to accuse The D of being biased, but it strikes as unreasonable and even negligent to see a piece of news so skewed as to omit any mention of the understandable discontent from members of Greek houses across campus. Brazen, indeed.

–Adam I.W. Schwartzman