The information machines at work

Now that the Governance Committee—whose members include President James Wright and Chairman of the Board Ed Haldeman—has decided to sidestep 116 years of the College’s governance history and tradition, the PR people at the College are flooding the inboxes of alums with this article, and these two interviews, on which I briefly elaborate below.

Though the majority of the AoA’s executive members have denounced the Governance Committee’s decision to change the Board’s size, this article has been sent to Dartmouth alumni stating that all alumni leaders have endorsed the Committee’s decision. In reality, the AoA’s president, William Hutchison, is in the minority of AoA leaders in his support of the Board’s expansion.

In addition, here is a (slanted) interview with Chairman of the Board Ed Haldeman which hits on the following points: the recent change to the Board’s composition, the 1891 agreement, and petition trustees—this interview does not give credit to an interviewer, nor does this one which is a separate interview in podcast form with Haldeman and Christine Bucklin, who chaired the Board’s Governance Committee.