The Devil is in the Details

There’s innovative, there’s clever and then there’s just devious. In a good way, I mean. This falls squarely into the latter category.

A professor at LaSalle University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania apparently got into a scrape when he was caught using exotic dancers at a business seminar last month. LaSalle’s newspaper, The Collegian, wanted to run the story, but when given permission by a dean weeks after the story had gone national, they were instructed to run it “below the fold.” The dean was attempting to bury the story; when displayed for sale in a  vending machine, it would be hidden from view.

Well, the Editor-in-Chief, Vinny Vella, didn’t take kindly to the idea. This was the third time the dean had ordered a story buried in such a manner. He complied, of course…

By printing nothing above the fold, save for a small line of text that simply read “See below the fold.” The story got the place of prominence and the dean got a lot o egg on his/her face. A big Wah-hoo-wah to The Collegian and its staff. That sort of integrity from school sanctioned newspapers is lacking these days.

If you’re curious about the seminar that brought this all to a head, you can read about it on the Collegian’s website here.

Sterling C. Beard