The Daniel Webster Program

I just got done with a fascinating interview with Professor James Murphy. Prof. Murphy has created the “Daniel Webster Program”, a two part initiative. The first part looks to help students find classes that have permanence—a sort of optional core curriculum. The second sponsors two events each year: a conference in the fall that looks at a problem from both ancient and modern perspectives (next fall will be Socrates and Rousseau on Education), and a lecture in the spring called the Janus Lecture. The first Janus Lecture will be a week from this Friday at four in the afternoon. Anthony Kronman, former Dean of Yale Law School and current advocate for the core, will be discussing his new book. Prof. Murphy will also be there to talk about the Daniel Webster Program. Click on the picture for more details.

Finally, I encourage everyone to go to the Daniel Webster Program’s website for more information. At the site you can find more about the rationale behind the Program, as well as things like proposed core minors, with titles like “The Abrahamic Faiths”, “Epic Literature in Comparison”, “What is a Good Human Life?”, and more. Go have a look.

P.S. Prof. Murphy told me to encourage people to give feedback about the program. You can do that on the Program’s site.