The Daily D Notices ASD

Over a month after Alumni for a Strong Dartmouth formed to launch negative attacks against the alumni Trustee petition candidates, the Daily Dartmouth has bothered to publish an article about the group.

Reporter Kate Lyon ’05 spoke only with Alumni Association President John Walters ’62, who repeated his earlier statements that ASD has not violated the campaign rules. Lyon apparently could not reach any of the group’s many vocal detractors for comment, nor any of its vast, College-linked membership:

The man who organized A.S.D. and designed its website is a Geoff Berlin, member of the class of 1984 and founder of Alums Online, a company specializing in alumni outreach. … Several Dartmouth College employees, including Elizabeth Meyer ’96, the director of the Parents and Grandparents Fund in the College’s Development Office, and Prof. Susan Ackerman ’80, chairwoman of the religion department, are also affiliated with the A.S.D. … While no members of the Alumni Relations Office are directly connected to the group, Stan Colla ’66, the vice president of alumni relations has a slightly more indirect link. His son, Geoffrey Colla ’04, is a member of A.S.D. A complete coincidence, I’m sure. Two members of the Alumni Magazine’s editorial board, Julie Koeninger ’81 and Patricia Berry ’81, are affiliated with A.S.D. So are eight former Trustees of the College: I. Michael Heyman ’51, Henry Nachman, Jr. ’51 T ’55, Robert P. Henderson ’53, Joe Mathewson ’55, Robert Danzinger ’56 T ’57, Ronald Schram ’64, Kate Stith ’73, and Ann Fritz Hackett ’76. … But it isn’t just the College’s administration that has ties to A.S.D.: members of the Alumni Council and Alumni Association, the very bodies that nominate the candidates for Trustee and run the elections, are tied to A.S.D. as well. Noel Fidel ’66, Chas Carner ’71, and Missy Attridge ’77, former presidents of the Alumni Council (which nominates the official Trustee candidates) are all members of A.S.D., so too are J. Michael Houlahan ’61, Robert Conn ’61, Patricia Berry ’81, and Karen Brown Letarte ’84, all former or current members of the Alumni Council. Perhaps most troubling is Jeanhee Kim ’90, a member of the Alumni Association’s Executive Committee who is also a member of A.S.D.

Lyons suggested that the only public attack on ASD was in yesterday’s letter to the editor of the Daily D. She neglected to mention that The Dartmouth Review has covered ASD, and its critics, almost daily for the past month.