The College’s Sustainability is now being Publicized on

For some reason, an entire article about the newly built McLaughlin cluster and its efficient energy use appeared on the press release website. The cluster is part of a program in its pilot phase to reduce energy consumption. Part of the program is to illustrate to residents how their actions effect energy consumption. To do this, they are installing monitors (low energy monitors, of course — they’re not hypocrites) that will display a polar bear to illustrate the energy consumption.

The displays … will show an animated polar bear, designed by Sonia Lei ’08, at various levels of comfort or distress, depending on the amount of energy being used in the building. Low energy use equals a happy, healthy polar bear. High usage results in the bear suffering the effects of global warming.

Who published it, for whom it was written, and for what reason are all mysteries. To see how sweet Green Life Dartmouth is the article is here. And don’t forget to keep energy use low because that equals a happy, healthy polar bear!