The College Tracks Student Movement

An article in today’s Daily D reports that Safety & Security tracks and logs student movement in and out of buildings by their student ID card. The article notes that these logs have helped to catch a person who rushed the field as well as someone charged with sexual assault. The head of S&S, realizing that this will probably turn out to be a PR disaster for him, noted,

“We don’t track students by any means,” he said. “That would take a lot of time and effort, and it just isn’t something we’re interested in doing.”

Kinne [S&S Chief] said the database is cumbersome, and his officers use it only for important investigations.

“It would have to be something serious,” he said. “We don’t go in to the database for just anything.”

The article doesn’t give much information beyond that. Either the reporter was stonewalled by Kinne, or he was clueless. We’ll try to find out more. Regardless, however, this coupled with the professors unannounced ability to track students on Blackboard paints a bleak picture of the Dartmouth administration’s commitment to openness. What else can they do but haven’t told us?

Also, who would honestly support national ID cards?