The Audience Shrugs?

The more fiercely libertarian among you may have noticed that the first of a planned three films based on Ayn Rand’s epic Atlas Shrugged debuted last weak. Unofortunately, though, it appears few others noticed or cared, as the film managed only $1.7 million in a 300-theater debut, good for only 14th nationwide. While this is actually rather solid for the minor independent film that it was, it has to be regarded as a disappointment considering the unusual attention it attracted prior to its release. The film will likely struggle to earn back its $15 million price tag unless it has some very impressive holds.

Whatever one’s opinion on Rand’s ideology, the film’s key problem appears to be its own quality. Critics have absolutely savaged the film, creating little incentive for anybody other than Randian die-hards to go see it. Consequently, while the film may be an enjoyable experience for existing followers, it is unlikely to pick up any new converts.

–Blake Neff