The AoA lawsuit muckraking continues

Once again, William Schpero made it to the front page of today’s daily Dartmouth for what seems to be the only role he plays in that publication – exposing the lies disseminated by the AoA executive committee majority. Thankfully, this particular article is surprisingly unbiased and actually mentions pro-lawsuit executive committee member, Frank Gado’s opinions. Now if only that part made it to the front page along with AoA President Bill Hutchinson’s claims that the AoA executive committee never made sufficient attempts for dialogue with the Board of Trustees prior to the board-packing plan.

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The article conveniently begins with

In the race for the executive committee of the Association of Alumni, supporters of the Association’s lawsuit against the College have claimed that the Board of Trustees ignored or denied several of the Association’s requests to meet prior to the Board’s September announcement of changes to Dartmouth’s governance structure. Board Chairman Ed Haldeman ‘70, however, said … Association President Bill Hutchinson ‘76, who opposes the suit, has maintained, along with College officials, that the executive committee made “one and only one” attempt to meet with the Board, and the Board complied.

Then the first paragraph after the fold, is the first to mention Frank Gado. The rest of the article continues to offer Gado’s claims as a counterpoint to Hutchinson’s.

Later in today’s issue, the Opinion Page prints their Verbum Ultimum column. In this column they explicitly cite Schpero’s article as if the entirety of the article were what was printed on the front page:

As today’s news article (“AoA members differ on dealings with Board”) makes clear, the executive committee made only one official effort at a meeting with the Board to discuss the proposed governance changes before they were announced publicly. Even though pro-lawsuit members of the committee and their supporters have claimed that the committee persistently and seriously pursued the option of mediation, no resolution was ever passed on the matter.

Thank god, the Opinion section printed J. Michael Murphy’s (petition candidate, class of ’61) article, which states the facts and points out how Bill Hutchinson, John Mathias ’69, and the Verbum Ultimum‘s accusations are misleading.