That Fat Bastard

Wired News:

“Years From Now They’ll Call it ‘Payback Tuesday’,” Moore wrote in a hyperbolic letter urging his fans to vote in the U.S. elections Nov. 5. The full letter, posted to two days before the vote, predicted, “We will deny Bush control of the Congress next week … Expect a wake-up call from me at your bedside 6 a.m. Tuesday!”

After Republicans handily won majorities in both the House and Senate, the essay disappeared from Moore’s site.

The irony of Moore �- who ambushes executives and politicians on film with their own statements — apparently trying to erase his own words was too rich even for some of his fans.

As he’s already well-known as a liar (or “factually challenged”: see and here), is it any surprise that Moore is a hypocrite as well?