Thanksgiving Wishes

This type of thing never ceases to amuse me. Happy Thanksgiving, readers!

From: Sustainable Dartmouth
Subject: *Have a Happy, Sustainable Thanksgiving!*
To: (Recipient list suppressed)

Dear Dartmouth,

Now is the time to give thanks for our friends, family, and mother earth! This Thanksgiving, show your gratitude and appreciation for the environment by:

1. Buy local, organic ingredients for your Thanksgiving meal.

2. Try to include more vegetarian courses in the Thanksgiving meal.

3. Recycle all of your empty cans, glass jars, and plastic containers and if possible, compost all food scraps. Recycle your leftovers through your body.

4. Save energy by planning ahead so that you can bake multiple dishes at the same time if they require the same baking temperature. Eat by candlelight!

5. Get creative with leftovers and sustain that Thanksgiving feeling for the next few meals. = D

6. Give thanks for the resources and labor that went into creating your celebration.

7. Burn off some of those extra calories or justify another piece of pie by taking a walk outside and appreciating the beauty of the natural world.

8. In your spare time, consider applying for a new, interdisciplinary internship:

Ecological Identity Internship
The internship will examine socially constructed elements of ecological identity, drawing on theories of ecofeminism to explore how gender and other constructions of identity shape how humans interact with the environment. We are recruiting applications for both Winter and Spring terms – applications due Dec 5th! This pilot internship is part of an exciting collaboration between the Sustainable Living Center and the Center for Women and Gender. For more information and the application go to Blitz questions and applications to Margi Dashevsky.

Have a peaceful, happy, and sustainable Thanksgiving break!

~Sustainable Dartmouth