Terror at Dartmouth?

Ilya Feoktistov ’06 writes in today’s Daily Dartmouth about a terrorist threat against Daniel Pipes’ visit yesterday:

Posted on a notorious English language Jihadi message board that offers links to Al-Qaeda literature, speeches and beheading videos was our press release advertising Dr. Pipes’s speech and its location. It was put there on Jan. 24 and the man who posted it, “Brother Mujahid,” had written the following: “This is about a fourty [sic] minute drive from where I live and about a ten minute drive from where I work. The thoughts going through my head right now…” Other members of the message board urged him to embrace violence. A man called “abuyusuf” wrote, “do it akhi.” Another man called “muaskar tadreeb” demanded, “don’t hesitate…


Feoktistov informed the police, who in turn contacted the FBI. This certainly helps explain the heavy security at yesterday’s event.