Telluride comes to Dartmouth

Let’s take a break from the recent trustee fracas: Dartmouth students and members of the Dartmouth community may be interested to know that a slice of the Telluride film festival has come to Dartmouth’s campus. The Hopkins Center for the Performing Arts tells us that “for the 22nd consecutive year, The Hopkins Center brings a sampler of the Telluride Film Festival to Dartmouth with premieres of six new and important films Sept. 21-27. This is a unique opportunity for filmgoers in the Upper Valley to have a sneak peek at the latest in international cinema—often months before they’re released.”

Today’s film, “I’m Not There,” is a documentary about the legacy of Bob Dylan: “In his poetic treatment of the iconic Bob Dylan, Todd Haynes (FAR FROM HEAVEN) provides a Finnegan’s [sic] Wake-like meditation on 1960s film culture, subtly probing the political-cultural reality essential to Dylan’s career.” Another film of note, to play this Thursday, is “Persepolis,” the screen adaptation of Marjane Satrapi’s charming graphic novel about growing up as a young girl in Iran during the Islamic Revolution.

The films will be displayed in the Arthur M. Loew auditorium, which is directly below the Hood Museum of Art; also, tickets may be purchased at the Hopkins Center’s box office which, of course, is located in the Hop.

For more information, and blurbs about the films that will be playing, be sure to click here.