Telling Someone Who Cares

It seems that the Native Americans at Dartmouth are no longer content with subjecting just the Dartmouth community to their typical laundry list of offensive incidents. The NADs have a new plan to up the ante: they’re going to start complaining to the NATIONAL media, per a notice circulated amongst their members (copied in full below).

It seems to me that that the NADs have made every effort to avoid direct, pro-active resolutions to their qualms, real or perceived. Rather, this term they have been adhering closely to the tenet of “He who complains loudest, wins.” And what louder forum to complain in than the national media?

>Date: 18 Nov 2006 17:38:37 -0500
>From: Native Americans at Dartmouth
>Subject: **READ THIS BLITZ**Notifying National Media
>To: (Recipient list suppressed)

Hello everyone,

The idea has been proposed that we notify newspapers and the media across the country about the issues and events this term. One suggestion was to wait a little while to see how the administration will respond to our meeting with President Wright, however another sentiment is that we’ve been waiting for too long. If we decide to undertake this action, we must do so NOW.

Thanksgiving is next Thursday, and as wrong as it is, newspapers and other media across the country like to highlight Native American issues during this time of year, probably more than any other time of the year. It would be advantageous to submit something to National, local, and regional newspapers by Monday because of the likelihood of having it included before Thanksgiving. To be honest, it does not seem that many newspapers would publish something about Natives in December which is the “Christmas Holiday Season”.

Thus, we must meet soon to decide how to go about this. We already have a lot of stuff to work with (past editorials, our own knowledge, etc) so it should not involve a large amount of effort. Tomorrow, Sunday, at noon at the NAD House should be a good time to meet on this issue. Please make every effort to attend and if anyone would like to change the meeting time because of prior commitments, PLEASE BLITZ THE NAD ACCOUNT SOON!!!

**Tomorrow, Sunday, Nov 19, 2006 at the NAD HOUSE**

-Your NAD Officers