TDR Gets Free Press; Dunyun Gets it Wrong (Maybe)

Some free press for the Review today in The Dunyun, one of Dartmouth’s daily humor blitzes, modeled on the venerable Onion. The satirical news report details a plan by the administration to enact a “Racism Tax” to solve the College’s current budget shortfall. So how does TDR come into this? Well, the racism in question is tied to the wearing of the Indian head t-shirt, a fairly common sight on campus and sold by The Review. As the report says,

There seems to be no point in letting The Dartmouth Review monopolize racist apparel sales.There’s good money to be made there, since the average person who buys Indian swag tends to have “affluent” written all over them. The tax of 10% is expected to generate upwards of $10,000 over the next fiscal year.

Well played, Dunyun, well played. There’s only one issue – the Indian head isn’t racist. It’s a part of Dartmouth’s cultural heritage. Or were you being satirical about that part, too? Sometimes it’s so hard to tell.

–Benjamin M. Riley