Talk about Sustainable

Cheers!Just came across this article from August. Apparently the Scots have found a way to recycle the waste products from the production of whisky (which, by the way, is a $6.2 billion dollar a year industry in Scotland) into biofuel.

Researchers at Edinburgh Napier University are developing methods to turn the pot ale and draff — excess liquid and grain from the distillation process — into butanol, which yields 30% more power output than ethanol. Moreover, butanol can be used in regular cars, with no need to alter engines as is with other types of fuel.

To me, this sounds absolutely perfect: less waste and more efficient fuel. And unlike ethanol, which requires corn crops for the express purpose of creating said fuel, butanol needs no new crops, just the continuation of one of Scotland’s favorite pastimes- the consumption of whisky.

Hopefully this new fuel will help the EU in its stated goal of having biofuels account for 10% of all fuel sales by 2012.

Adam I.W. Schwartzman

This post originally appeared on Ricochet, where Mr. Schwartzman is an intern.

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