Swede Students Shut Down Free Speech

Occasionally, I’m reminded of how thankful I ought to be that I go to Dartmouth where folks of all stripes are level headed enough to hold a discussion or attend a talk without shouting down a speaker or, you know, assaulting them with confectionery like Cornellians do.

The same can’t be said for Swedish students of an indeterminate religion at Uppsala University, who shut down a lecture by artist Lars Vilks on, you guessed it, free speech. In the past he drew an unnamed religious figure with the body of a dog. For this, he received death threats, which is a totally reasonable response.

Behold, Vilks’s self-pronounced death sentence.

In addition to shouting something akin to “Admiral Ackbar” at him, it appears these students rushed and headbutted Vilks, breaking his glasses. Thankfully, somebody was prescient enough to bring along some security. Video of the incident can be found below:

(h/t BigGovt)