Student attendance at hockey

Talking with some people still on campus, the student sections at hockey games have been a complete joke this year. And having seen some video from the Cornell game this past weekend, I must concur. A ranked Ivy League foe comes to town and the student section was 3/4ths empty for the entire first period. Sounds like there’s a lot of fairweather fans who only show up when they get to throw stuff on the ice (ie the Princeton game) or who decide to wander in an hour after the puck drops.

I realize most students are going home this weekend for Thanksgiving, but if you’re on campus, goto the game on Saturday vs. #8 Maine. And don’t show up an hour late, get there at 7 PM or even 6:45 so you can see the pre-game introductions. Thompson Arena is going to be sold-out for this game, and it’s going to look extremely bad if the entire place is packed to the rafters except for empty the student sections.

Rant over, but it greatly disappoints me as a very recent alumnus to see the student attendance regressing rather than improving. Especially when students get in for free.