I know posting personal e-mails is generally Talcott’s domain, but under such circumstances:

Date: 03 Mar 2003 21:45:59 EST

From: Why War

Subject: heads up

To: (Recipient list suppressed)

We have been pressuring the college and SA to take a stance against the war for some time now. It is becoming more and more clear that, despite agreeing with us, that they will not stand up for what they believe. So we are going to up the pressure a little. We need 10 volunteers to help take over Parkhurst. I know finals are coming up, but once we’re barracaded in you’ll have time to do your studying. We will succeed and I want to stress that this is going to be 100% peaceful. We will not fight back in any way. If you volunteer chances are you will get arrested, but you’ll be out on 60-100$ bail in no time. Please respond if you are interested. If this is going to happen we need to get moving on it.