Stop! Thief!

As a former resident of East Wheelock, I know that life can be a little rough there. The laundry room of Morton is not a place where I’d feel comfortable walking alone at night.

— Forwarded bulletin from Cluster-East Wheelock —

From: Cluster-East.Wheelock@Dartmouth.EDU (Cluster-East Wheelock)
Subject: ALERT! Stolen White Laundry Basket
Date: 23 Feb 2005 15:09:48 -0500
Bulletin Topic: Cluster – East Wheelock
Expires: 28 Feb 2005 15:06:48 -0500


An East Wheelock resident just had her laundry basket taken out of the Morton laundry room in the past hour. A student in the laundry room told her that he saw three female students take the basket, but he did not realize it wasn’t theirs to begin with.

If you know anything about this laundry basket, please let me know, or return it to the EW office off of Brace Commons. I would like to think that the persons who took the basket would be willing to return it as soon as possible.

It is a white plastic basket, about 3 X 2 feet, 2 feet deep.

Thank you,

Michael Lord
Community Director
East Wheelock Cluster