Stop the Presses: The Dartmouth Review Mistreats Minorities

“It goes without saying that a lot of underrepresented groups feel mistreated here, whether it’s by the Greek system, The Dartmouth Review or just the people they engage with on a daily basis.”

Jordan Osserman ’11’s editorial in the D today about the necessity of choosing a female, non-heterosexual, or minority President is truly a treasure. In addition to the above quote, it yielded such gems as:

“And as the Board of Trustees continues its search for the next leader of the Big Green, it’s time we set a new requirement: straight white men need not apply.”

“Thus, the assumption that fairness requires colorblindness is false. The Board of Trustees is not casting for “Grey’s Anatomy” — it’s looking for a leader to move Dartmouth forward.”

“As a representative of a marginalized group, a president who is female, gay, non-white or all of the above would have an inherent understanding of the struggles of women and minorities.”

“I do not intend to discredit the work of President Wright or any of the other well-intentioned straight, white male leaders on this campus.”