Stop the Flood

Jon Eisenman of FreeDartmouth posted this on their weblog, but in an effort to spread it around to as many people as possible, I’m re-posting it here:

Stop the Flood!

I am attempting to construct an online levee in the face of this BuzzFlood stupidity. Because this is not a “public interest” issue, and is only a petition against the “non-violent expression of opinion” of another group, I can’t host it on that online petition site. However, I would like to see this as widely circulated as possible, so Dartloggers, if you’d like to help with the effort, it’s much appreciated.

We, the undersigned students and alumni of Dartmouth College, believe that BuzzFlood, an organization whose purpose is “to simply point out what’s so special about Dartmouth College,” is making a mockery of the College, its goals, and ideals.

If you’re interested in amending or “signing” this statement, please blitz “” with your name, class year, and any “amendment” you wish to propose. After I’ve amassed some number of blitz, I will post here once more, as well as blitz back to the respondents, with a final “amended” version of this statement. I will wait for those individuals to give their final assent, as well as accept new “signatories.” I will then submit the names and the petition to The Dartmouth.

Jonathan Eisenman