Stinson retiring; Students to be involved in replacement process

>Date: 16 Jan 2003 17:44:01 EST

>From: Sandra W. Curtis

>Subject: Upcoming interviews

>To: (Recipient list suppressed)

>Return-receipt-to: Sandra W. Curtis

Dear Religion majors –

Professor Ronald M. Green, Chair, Department of Religion, asked me to send a note to you inviting your involvement in the department’s current search for a tenure-track faculty position. As of this date, the department has 7 short-listed candidates each of whom either have been or will be invited to visit the campus for an interview and presentation.

Below* I append a note from Professor Green that is addressed to you, our Religion majors:



This term,. the Religion Department will be interviewing seven candidates for a position in the history of the Christian traditions. This new appointment is to replace Prof. Stinson, who is retiring. This hiring decision is of great importance for the future of the Department.

I am writing to ask you to commit to attending the presentations by as many of these candidiates as you are able. Presentations are scheduled for 105 Thornton at 4:00 PM on the day of the candidate’s visit (see below for a listing of the confirmed dates and the candidates’ names; other dates will be forwarded to you as soon as they are determined).

We have asked each candidate to offer a lecture in a course like Religion 15, Introduction to the Christian Tradition (for a description of the course, see It can be any lecture in that course, although the candidate is asked to make clear why s/he has chosen that lecture and how it relates to the themes and approaches of the course as a whole. Since this will be a lecture to and for students, your presence is especially important. At the close of the lecture, we will ask the candidiate to step out of this teaching role and reflect, with us, on what s/he has tried to accomplish for the students in the lecture.

Once the whole series of lectures is over, I would very much appreciate receiving from you a brief evauation of each candidate from your perspective. A few lines or a paragraph for each candidiate will do.

Would you please let Sandra Curtis, Department Administrator for Religion, know via blitz whether you can make a good number of these presentations?

Thanks so much for your help to build the future of the study of religion at Dartmouth.

Ronald M. Green, Chair

**Here, below, is a list of five of the seven candidates who have been contacted and, to date, accepted our invitation for a campus interview. We are in the process of contacting, receiving confirmation from, and scheduling the additional two candidates; when the remaining three dates are finalized, we will forward the information to you for your further consideration. Here is the list to date:

Christine Shephardson, Tuesday, January 21.

Stephen Shoemaker, Monday, January 27.

Charlotte Radler, Tuesday, February 4.

Clarence Hardy, Thursday, February 6.

Kent McConnell, TBA.